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fuck jobs. i dont want to 'work'. i want to contribute to something useful. be an equal part of something useful.

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lmfao, someone just tried telling me on some discord server that my father will never be proud of me because i'm nonbinary.
GOOD. I don't want my racist bigot of a father to be proud of me. I would rather him hate my guts than me do something that he is proud of. the fact that whenever something happens to POC somewhere, my dad immediately goes "they deserved it" without even listening to what actually happened is proof of that. with how he acts, I don't want him to be proud of me.

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really bad shitposti'm sorry 

@lumi universal cereal bowl

pun/wordplay - is a law abiding enby... 



the linus skirt stays ON during sex

anyone have use for a board to capture usb traffic w/ a logic analyzer? looking at getting some of these made @ jlc and i'll ship out extras probably if you pay shipping

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subposting someone who contacted me on matrix 

love to talk to feds in my DMs <3

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@goat your honor i was shoplifiting all blue products as a gender reveal bit

y'all know anyone who is good at usb fuckery and can help me with a gadgetfs issue?


it is real aaaaaaaaa hours

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twitter 2: electric boogaloo

if twitter is so good where's twitter 2 see full description for rules