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i think i might go back to bed
that's enough awake for today

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infosec-ish question :boost_ok: 

I create unique email addresses for every service I use.

I just got a spam email to one of those addresses.

What's the process here? Do I report it to the service in question in case they were hacked? Is there some sort of regulatory body who would like to know about this in case they were selling email addresses?

bird site down, guess ill log in here again lol

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tillie psa 

assume all past communication with me to have been compromised. i have lost all my past accounts except for my fedi accounts, assume all communication from old accounts isn't me unless you can properly verify otherwise.

do not talk to me about any illegal activities or crimes. i do not plan on doing anything illegal for the near future.

i can be reached here:
@ nyanycrimew on telegram

you can ask me for signal.

if you're unsure about the legitimacy of this statement there are multiple people who can vouch for me, and i can also verify my identity to you personally if required.

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tillie on cbs, mh institutions, prison, violence, and various other trauma triggers 

tillie on CBS evening news??

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breaking: APT-69420 Arson Cats believed to be nation state actors based on this mysterious flag members of the group frequently use.

if you have any information on the origin or meaning of this flag please call +1 888-993-5273.

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every day i spend in this sucky and broken human body i more and more wish to just be a tiny kitten,,,

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new tillie merchandise, boosts ok 

new 👏 crime 👏 merch

(as always 30% off for the first 3 days)

among others we now have the following new designs:

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Pronouncing macOS like the name Marcos but without the r

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